Race React: Mayhem On The Monster Mile

by Jim on June 3, 2013 · 2 comments

Who would have thought we had so many story lines coming from a race in Dover? Speaking for myself, in his, the sixth season I’ve been chronicling the sport, I cannot remember a more eventful NASCAR event than the one we had just had Sunday.

42 and 48 restartThere blow ups everywhere. Contenders Matt Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr. had their engines blow, David Gilliland and Ryan Newman blew some steam after a bump and run became more of a bump and dump, and Jimmie Johnson (arguably) blew a victory by jumping the re-start, earning a black flag in the process.

Oh, and by the way, Tony Stewart won the race. While much of the corporate media is speculating a demise for Smoke and the Stewart- Haas Crew, the racer once known as the “Rushville Rocket” launched himself squarely into the Chase picture with his 48th career victory. For those of you keeping score, that puts Stewart at 11th on the all-time victory list, tied with the man who made the Hudson Hornet famous, Herb Thomas from NASCAR’s pioneer days.

Stewart’s victory, strong finishes by Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch, Johnson’s mishap and blown motors for Kenseth and Truex certainly shakes up the standings. For one thing, Shrub is back in the top ten, Johnson’s lead- as meaningless as it really is- shrinks to 30 points, and Kenseth falls back to fourth, even though, if the Chase started today, Matt the Brat would be the number one seed by virtue of his Cup-leading three victories.

Of all those whose fortunes took a hit, none were hit harder than Denny Hamlin. Because of his absence due to injury, he’s needing solid finishes and wins for a shot at a wild card. After tagging the wall and finishing 34th, Hamlin may have as much chance as a kerosene cat in Hell with gasoline drawers on his backside. It will be a heck of story of he can get in though. Hambone must surely be praising the racing gods for two summer dates at Pocono, also known as Denny’s personal playground.

NASCAR is a better place with a relevant Tony Stewart. His multiple personalities and mad skills make for an entertaining weekend. There’s an element of NASCAR nation that will never get into the likes of Jimmie Johnson or Matt Kenseth, so given that, Stewart provides the sport the closest thing they’ve got to Dale Earnhardt Sr. right now- a driver with legendary talent, and a fierce persona with an astute view of the big picture.

Slump? Phsh- it’s just June. Tony Stewart is right on schedule, baby.


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1 BrianFitz June 3, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Hey Jim, how’s it going ?
I’m glad to see you got the Website back up and running with current Racing News (per our last couple of emails).

Your article was pretty much spot on regarding the Dover Race (albeit a couple of grammar errors, but hey I understand you being a bit rusty…lol, but heck its been 2½ years or so…and I’m glad to see the Website back up and running.
It was good to see “Smoke” finally get himself a Victory, its been a while…what since the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona last year.
And that whole ruling about “5 Time” jumping the restart, hmmm…Juan (the leader at the time) just didn’t go…I know (by Rule) Jimmy should have let Juan pass him back, but if Jimmy would have let off to let Juan catch up, he probably would have been run over by the whole pack and we would have had a wreckfest.
Not sure what to do about the “Starting Box” deal, but its happened often enough that I think some kind of change needs to be done…maybe a Restart if somebody jumps the gun and put the culprit at the end of the longest line on a restart ? maybe do a restart with the leader who didn’t properly Lead the Field to the Green getting put to the back of the field ?
Because I know for a fact I have seen it happened when the leader “didn’t go” ( spun his tires, misshifted, ran out of gas, etc. everybody behind him plows into him and each other).
NOTE: when I did my NASCAR Fan Council survey this morning, I made that suggestion…we’ll see what becomes of it.
Hey Jim, one thing I didn’t see in your article was how good Kasey Kahne was running… until, “opps, there she goes around “… Kahne had a fast car all day, ran in the top 5 and top 10 for most of the day before he wrecked and even led a lap….but then I’m a Kahne Fan, so I kinda look for that stuff…(lost 2 positions in the points, just barely, but still not as bad a day as Denny had ).

I wonder if their going to dock Brad some more points ?

Some Sad Stats to think about:

There were 162 minutes of Regular Commercials.
There were 51 minutes of Side by Side Commercials.
There were 199 Commercials total.

Talk about shoving it down your throat !!!

P.S. I’ve put one of my Digital Camera’s under the seat of my motorcycle, so if I catch you some action shots or video of some of the drivers here in Charlotte out and about doing something “crayzeee” I’ll forward them to you.

2 Jim June 4, 2013 at 12:47 am

Hey Brian- Dang those grammar errors. I should fire my proofreader! Oh wait, that’s me the chief cook and bottle washer. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
The good news for you is I think Kasey will come out of this smelling like a rose. You will note I number him among the serious contenders this year.
Thanks for chiming in. We still have some work to do, but we’re off and running.

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