What’s On Your Mind, NASCAR Fans?

by Jim on November 30, 2009 · 2 comments

They call this the “Information Age.” We take it for granted now, but what used to take days, hours, weeks for us to find out, we can now access with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse. Between the Internet and hundreds of TV channels, facts on the lives of the most obscure may be brought to light quicker than you can circle the track at Bristol. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Of course, the flow of traffic on the information “super highway” runs quickly in both directions. Sitemeter is able to offer me all kinds little nuggets everyday on how many people visit this site, what they read, where they’re reading it from, and how they got here. Thanks to data made available from Ask.com, “The Official Search Engine of NASCAR,” it’s not difficult to mine what questions are on the mind of NASCAR fans. Some are no surprise at all, while yet others are as strange as snow in July.

Among other things, ladies, we know which drivers are catching your eye. “How is that,” you ask? Consider these top questions: Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. married? Is Michael Waltrip still married? Does Kasey Kahne have a girlfriend? Apparently, there is also a great deal of interest in the “state of attachment” of Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. Were it not for the fact that I belong to a handful of NASCAR fan communities, I’d be tempted to chalk these searches up to 16-year-old girls with too much time on my hands, but I know better.

Beyond those questions, there are other popular searches in the same vein. Apparently, there is a great deal of interest on the part of NASCAR fans as to what drivers wear underneath their fire suits. Uh, “Prospectors” are also greatly interested in how much NASCAR drivers make.

Of course knowing of the earnings of a NASCAR driver is likely not the exclusive interest of those in the female set. No doubt, from the information supplied, we see there are a number of folks interested in career opportunities. Other commonly asked questions on Ask.com include inquiries on how to become a NASCAR driver, or if your driving skills more closely resemble that of Tiger Woods, then there’s the ever popular question of how to join a pit crew.

Beyond those thought provoking questions are the more traditional favorites- such as “What does NASCAR stand for?” Fans are also greatly curious about the performance of fly overs at NASCAR events, and questions about what “Burnout Alley” is.

While those are all interesting, there’s still one question that stands out above them all. It has nothing to do with bump stops, bump drafts, deck lids, wedge, tire pressures, or aero. Whether its a curious mom or a pre-teen boy looking for a good laugh, I’m not sure. But the great burning question, though answered more times than I care to think about, is still:

“How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom?”

Don’t take my word for it. You can look it up.

    Top questions about NASCAR

How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom?
How much do NASCAR drivers get paid?
What is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s girlfriend’s name?
What does NASCAR stand for?
What is burnout alley?
Who is Tony Stewart dating?
How do you get a job on a pit crew?
How do you become a NASCAR driver?
Why are there flyovers at NASCAR races?
What do NASCAR drivers wear under their suits?

    Top questions about NASCAR drivers’ girlfriends / wives / marital status

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s girlfriend’s name (or) Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. married?
Who is Tony Stewart dating?
Does Kasey Kahne have a girlfriend?
Does Kyle Busch have a girlfriend?
Is Michael Waltrip still married?
Who is Carl Edwards dating?
Does Denny Hamlin have a girlfriend?
Who is Jeff Gordon dating?
Who is Robby Gordon’s girlfriend?
Does Joey Logano have a girlfriend?

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1 Marybeth December 1, 2009 at 6:14 pm

As long as we are doing questions…since Chad has not signed yet, does anyone know who is competing for him…?
Can you imagine Chad going to another team, and Lance made Jimmie’s cc…? Marybeth

2 Mike December 2, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Chad ain’t going anywhere. Can you imagine another team having the money to pull him away from the Hendrick dynamo. He’s maxed his potential out and would do well to stay where he’s at. One big happy “family”.

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